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Choc Whiz - Nutra Organics - 125 G

Sale price$27.95

Enhance cognitive function and support digestive well-being with Choc Whiz. Indulge in a delectable chocolate beverage that nourishes your mind and gut, featuring organic cacao, super berries, and delightful chocolate chunks. Perfect for providing brainpower and satisfying your sweet cravings during school hours. While it doesn't boast, Choc Whiz stands as the top choice for discerning young individuals seeking the finest and most wholesome ingredients in their drinking chocolates.

➡️Cognitive function with its bioavailable calcium, iron, magnesium, and omega-3 DHA. ➡️Gut well-being.
➡️Teeth and bone health.
➡️Enhanced energy levels.
➡️Optimal growth and development.

Choc Whiz is free from artificial additives, gluten, and the secrets to acing your trigonometry test. It's an ideal choice for individuals aged 12 months and older, especially when enjoyed as part of a balanced, diverse diet.