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Collagen - Switch -75 Serves

Sale price$89.95

Introducing Collagen Switch - A Superior Collagen Solution! Beware of imitations... not all collagens are alike! Collagen Switch is specifically designed to give you a radiant complexion, boost gut health, and accelerate recovery.

Experience the Difference 
✅A unique blend of Type I, II, and III Collagen from grass-fed bovine and sustainably caught marine sources.
✅Fortified with Vitamin C and Digezyme (Digestive Enzymes) to enhance collagen absorption and utilization.
✅L-tryptophan ensures our formula contains all 9 essential amino acids vital for tissue recovery and repair.
✅With Glycine and Glutamine, support for connective tissue and gut health is guaranteed. ✅Fuel your gut health and metabolism with the addition of MCT Oil and Prebiotic Fibre. Choose Collagen Switch for a collagen experience like no other – your path to a healthier, glowing you!

Collagen - Switch -75 Serves
Collagen - Switch -75 Serves Sale price$89.95