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Prime Seasoning - organic beef liver

Sale price$24.95

Discover the Benefits of PRIME Seasoning!

Prime seasoning offers a convenient solution to enrich any dish with essential nutrients. Designed for those seeking an effortless way to incorporate nutrient-rich liver into their daily meals, PRIME Seasoning blends real trace nutrients with 5 organic herbs and Celtic sea salt, imparting a delightful umami flavor while masking the intense taste of organ meats. Whether you're new to consuming organ meats or simply aiming to maintain a consistent intake, PRIME Seasoning is the ideal choice.

Why Choose Liver?

Liver stands out as a powerhouse of nutrients:

  • High-quality protein source
  • Rich in vitamin A and B vitamins, notably B12 and folic acid
  • Abundant in iron and trace elements like copper, zinc, and chromium
  • Contains CoQ10, crucial for cardiovascular health
  • Source of purines, vital for DNA and RNA synthesis
Prime Seasoning - organic beef liver
Prime Seasoning - organic beef liver Sale price$24.95