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About Us

We are a shake bar and supplement store serving a set menu of protein shakes, enhanced smoothies, Padre barista coffee and healthy snacks.

On shelf we’ll have an array of sport supplements and wellness products to assist with not just sports performance but also to encourage everyday health and wellness.

From protein and amino acids to bone broth and vitamins, reminding you that health and fitness should be a part of your daily life, not just your current goals. 

founders - Chris & natalie

Bli Bli, Sunshine Coast locals Chris & Natalie are the founding owners of Health Junkee. We look forward to seeing you in store <3


Natalie -

I worked from home for my husband for 12 years. Whilst it has taught me so much, including my love for business, honestly I got bored about 6 years in. I had always put all my extra energy and attention into sports, and whilst this was and is still always for filling, I found myself wanting to achieve in other areas of life.

So I started looking around at business's for sale in areas I was familiar or passionate about such as cafe's, health food stores and chain gyms but nothing really suited or I found myself wanting to change everything about it. So instead I managed to birth a business concept which combined both my passion for business and love of sports.

The idea came to me when the whole family was sick and I was standing in the kitchen blending a smoothie and making a list of all the goodies in my pantry I wanted to stock up on and I thought "I wish I could get all of this in one place" and then HJ hit me! The idea came to mind and grew so fast from there. Everything felt right.

I have, and will continue to, grow and innovate my business for my customers. It's been such an amazing journey, with a lot of ups and downs and lessons learnt already and I want to thank each and every one of you for your support so far X

Our Mission

To create a community of like-minded people.

To provide a comfortable social environment to enjoy your
health & fitness goals.

To invite and help educate those who wish to start their
fitness journey.