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Gift Card and Store Credit Policy

Our offer of gift card, vouchers and store credit

HEALTH JUNKEE offer payment options by way of gift card, vouchers and store credit.

In some cases, a gift card, voucher or store credit may be offered in circumstances where a customer is unable to meet the requirements of a return, refund or exchange. For more information about refunds and exchanges, refer to our Returns Policy.

This is our policy on the terms of purchase and use of gift cards, vouchers and store credit.

Gift cards and vouchers

Gift cards and vouchers may be purchased online or in store.
Gift cards may be physical gift cards or e-gift cards sent by email.
Unless otherwise stated in the gift card or voucher, gift cards and vouchers are purchased in Australian Dollars. Gift cards and vouchers will convert to or from to Australian Dollars automatically when purchased or utilised via another currency. The conversion rate will be that applicable via our banking institution, which for online orders is the same conversation rate applicable to the calculation and display of prices online.

Gift cards and vouchers will have an expiry date and their credit expires immediately at 12:00am (midnight) Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) on the expiry date. Unless otherwise stated on the gift card or voucher, all of our gift cards and vouchers expire on the date which is 3 years from the date of purchase of the gift card or voucher. Expired gift cards and vouchers are not refundable. We are not responsible for providing reminders.

If you lose a gift card or voucher, we will do our best to re-issue it to you subject to your presentation of proof of purchase and our verification that the credit was not utilised. We will not guarantee that we will be in position to re-issue or honour lost gift cards or vouchers. We disclaim all responsibility for lost or stolen gift cards or vouchers.

Gift cards may be used by any person unless otherwise specified. If you are purchasing a gift card as a gift for a third person, you may email us asking us to provide you with third party proof of purchase for the recipient to use in future if required.

Vouchers may be issued specific to a customer account and in such case may not be transferred and otherwise apply in the same form as store credit. However, we are not responsible for policing the use of vouchers and disclaim all responsibility for misused vouchers.

You may not purchase gift cards and vouchers under a credit or trade account, except as otherwise approved by us. Gift cards and vouchers cannot be purchased through any rewards or points system that we are affiliated with from time to time (except as we make available) and their purchase will not earn or count towards points or other rewards.

Gift cards and vouchers are not redeemable for cash or convertible into any other gift cards or vouchers or any other form of tender. No change will be given for a purchase made with a gift card or voucher. It is up to the holder to use the full value of the gift card or voucher before it expires. A gift card or voucher may be applied in part payment of a purchase with the balance paid in another form of tender.

Gift cards and vouchers may be issued in connection with or apply only to specific products or services. This will be stated on the gift card or voucher.
Gift cards and vouchers may also attract additional terms and conditions. These will appear on the gift card or voucher or may be stated in the offer of purchase of the gift card or voucher, and all such terms will be terms of the gift card or voucher.

Store credit

We may offer you store credit from time to time, including in connection with refunds and returns. We may offer you store credit either as store credit or as a gift card or voucher.

Store credit is attached to a specific customer account. If the customer account is closed for any reason, any store credit is lost. We may close a customer account, at our option, if the customer is in default of payment or our terms and policies, if we notice any other issue or error with the account (including possible fraud or criminal activity) or if the account remains idle for 12 months or more. Trade and credit accounts may be closed subject to the terms of the trade or credit account applicable.

Store credit may not be assigned or transferred to another customer account, except in our discretion. We may approve a transfer of store credit where you change your account details but not where the customer identity changes.
Store credit is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of issue or creation. Expired store credit will be deleted and is not refundable. We are not responsible for notifying you of the store credit expiry date on issue or to provide you with reminders.

Store credit may be applied to any online purchase with the balance being payable in another form of acceptable tender.

Store credit may not be used in conjunction with special offers and promotions which state store credit does not apply.

Store credit may not be redeemed for cash or converted into any other forms of tender including gift cards or vouchers.

Identification and customer details

To prevent fraud, abuse and misuse of this policy, we reserve the right to require evidence of your identity when purchasing or making a claim under a gift card, voucher or store credit. You may be asked to present photo identification (for example drivers licence or passport) and we may take a copy of that identification and / or record your name, identification type, identification number and expiry date and verify your signature. Acceptable identification must include your full name with an expiry date at least one day in the future.

Your personal information collected in the course of gift card or voucher use or purchase and all post sale transactions will be kept in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you wish to access your information held by us in relation to your transactions from time to time or to correct any errors or account details, please contact us at:

The Privacy Officer – HEALTH JUNKEE Group
Address for postage: Health Junkee Returns
T2, 3/310 David Low Way
Bli Bli QLD 4560
Telephone: 1300 035 635