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Berry Immune, Nutra Organics - 40g

Sale price$27.95

Enhance immune defences and ward off colds with Berry Immune. Packed with readily-absorbed vitamin C, zinc, iron, and vitamin D sourced exclusively from natural wholefoods, including five super berries, Berry Immune provides support for:

➡️Immune System
➡️Antioxidant Defence
➡️Growth and Development
➡️Energy Levels
➡️Gut Health
✅No artificial additives, gluten, refined sugars.

Berry Immune is a delightful berry blend that not only fortifies immunity but also helps combat colds. This delightful pink powder is the secret weapon of savvy parents who discreetly introduce essential immune-boosting nutrients into smoothies and meals, ensuring their children's year-round health. Ideal for ages 12 months and above.

*When incorporated into a balanced and diverse diet.