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Beta Alanine - Switch - 200 serve

Sale price$49.95
Introducing Beta Alanine, the performance booster your body craves! This incredible non-essential amino acid teams up with L-Histidine to create Carnosine, a powerful di-peptide that works wonders in your skeletal muscles. With Beta-Alanine supplementation, Carnosine levels soar, effectively buffering H+ (Lactic Acid) and unleashing the potential for greater athletic prowess. And here's the exciting part – after just 4 weeks, athletes experience a jaw-dropping 50% increase in Carnosine levels. And in just 10 weeks, this incredible boost skyrockets to a phenomenal 80% increase!

Imagine the possibilities with enhanced Carnosine levels – you'll achieve more repetitions, push your limits, and witness significant improvements in your athletic performance. Don't wait any longer, embrace the power of Beta Alanine today and unleash the athlete within!
Beta Alanine - Switch - 200 serve
Beta Alanine - Switch - 200 serve Sale price$49.95