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Musclez, Zombie Labs - 28 Serves

Sale price$79.95

Unleash unprecedented fitness potential with Zombie Labs Musclez!

➡️Bio-Enhanced Formula: Crafted by experts for ultimate muscle revival and conquering fitness challenges.
➡️12 Apocalypse-Inspired Flavours: Dive into a taste adventure while fuelling your body.
➡️Optimal Amino Acid Profile: Essential for muscle recovery and growth after workouts.
➡️Fast Recovery, Less Soreness: High protein, low carbs formula speeds up recovery and eases muscle discomfort.
➡️Essential Nutrient Boost: Enriched with vitamins and minerals for enhanced endurance and performance.
✅100% Aussie brand, owned and made here at home!

What is the meaning of “Bio-Enhanced” concerning Zombie Labs Musclez?
The term “Bio-Enhanced” pertains to the incorporation of digestive enzymes such as DigeZyme® & AstraGin® in Musclez. These enzymes assist in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, guaranteeing that you extract the utmost advantage from every serving.

Empower your fitness journey with Zombie Labs Musclez – where strength, resilience, and flavour unite to reshape your path to success. Don’t just survive; thrive with Zombie Labs Musclez by your side. Fuel your ambition and reshape your fitness destiny today!

Musclez, Zombie Labs - 28 Serves
Musclez, Zombie Labs - 28 Serves Sale price$79.95